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Results of Smith Rock Ascent Road 10k
Smith Rock, Terrebonne, OR
June 15th, 2014

[Half] [Half Wheelchair] [10k]

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PlaceBibNameGenderAgeCityStateChip TimeChip PaceGender PlaceAge GroupAge Group PlaceTime to StartGun Time
1313KARSTAN LOVORNM35PORTLANDOR00:41:4100:06:431 of 3M 35-391 of 300:00:0200:41:43
2323COLLIN ROBINSONM35BENDOR00:43:5100:07:042 of 3M 35-392 of 300:00:0200:43:53
3325HANNAH TANLERF26BENDOR00:46:5400:07:341 of 2F 25-291 of 100:00:0400:46:58
4308MATT ANTHES-WASHBURNM36BEAVERTONOR00:55:5300:09:003 of 3M 35-393 of 300:00:0400:55:57
5309ELAINE NAMF37PORTLANDOR01:04:5000:10:272 of 2F 35-391 of 100:00:0701:04:57
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