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2016 Wings and Wheels 16K
Scappoose Airpark, Scappoose, OR
September 10th, 2016

Email timing@hubertiming.com with results questions. Please include your bib number if you have it.

Please note the pace is calculated for a race distance 10.6 miles.

Event Finishers Male Female
16K 19 11 8
Total 19 11 8

16K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1BRIAN FAWCETT311:12:171:12:24
2DAN BUSCH461:14:231:14:24
3BOB FROST501:20:021:20:06
4GARY BERNET311:21:231:21:27
5DAVID LAROSA311:25:181:25:23
6BRIAN DEGERNESS561:26:511:26:53
7ISHMAEL RIVAS341:32:231:32:32
8JAMES PETERSON291:36:391:36:41
9RYAN MILLS271:37:421:37:44
10PAUL BARLOW461:43:321:43:46
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1KASSIDY RIVAS331:32:231:32:32
2STACEY HAMBLIN291:36:391:36:42
3CHERYL RAEBURN601:48:031:48:11
4SHANNON BROPHY261:54:051:54:08
5DELLA FAWCETT311:54:421:54:54
6ANGELA BARLOW482:09:162:09:28
7NICOLE HOYT493:20:212:58:27
8ROBYN BASSETT533:20:212:58:27
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