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2021 Avenue 2.0 (Humboldt Redwoods) Half Marathon
Humboldt Redwoods, Weott, CA
October 10th, 2021
Humboldt Redwoods

Email timing@hubertiming.com with results questions. Please include your bib number if you have it.

Half Marathon 5K
Event Finishers Male Female
Half Marathon 206 79 127
5K 97 36 61
Total 303 115 188

Half Marathon Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1MATTHEW KIDWELL401:20:421:20:46
2JAKE EAGLING161:24:041:24:10
3TOM SCRUTTON221:29:061:29:10
4PABLO SUAREZ411:31:431:31:47
5ZACH OWNBY261:32:011:32:18
6KYLE CLARK331:33:321:33:36
7RUBEN GARCIA451:34:201:34:43
8CONRAD STEMLER161:34:431:34:46
9CONNOR BROGAN201:36:311:36:42
10TYSON YOUNG401:36:451:36:54
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1ERIN PONTE351:31:581:32:02
2ISABELLA KASER271:33:181:33:23
3ANNA HELLMAIR391:34:201:34:26
4KAREN KIDWELL371:40:331:40:37
5MICHELE GERDES421:44:121:44:20
6LAUREN FETY371:44:461:44:59
7ANGIE EAGLING421:45:041:45:10
8KARIN GRANTHAM531:45:071:45:21
9COURTNEY LADIKA411:45:221:45:28
10LORI DUFFANT601:46:041:46:16

5K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
2JOSE ORNELAS3322:0122:05
3ALBIE RUMFELT4322:3122:37
4ROBERT BUSH5123:5824:04
5JACK WEST6924:0824:13
6YONY RIVAS5025:0925:13
7MICHAEL DURHAM6625:2530:56
8CYRIL CARL7426:0026:03
9MICHAEL GRANT26:1026:25
10ERIC CHYN3927:4127:53
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1LISA ROSELIN3427:5228:02
2SOMER WALLAN3428:4228:46
5BONNIE HRDINA6331:2731:31
6WHITNEY OGLE3631:3531:50
7DEBBIE SPANGLER5131:3731:54
8PEGGY COLEMAN4931:4531:51
9KATHERINE SACKS5032:2532:38
10CINDY NYDEGGER3233:0033:03
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