2015 USATF NW Regional Championships and Stumptown XC Race #5 Fernhill Park W6K/M10K Logo

2015 USATF NW Regional Championships and Stumptown Race #5 Mens 10K
Fernhill Park, Portland, OR
November 21st, 2015
Team Red Lizard

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Series Standings: [ Mens Non-Masters] [ Mens Masters ] [ Womens Non-Masters] [ Womens Masters]

Womens 6K Individual Womens 6K Team Mens 10K Individual Mens 10K Team
Event Finishers Male Female
Womens 6K 100 0 100
Mens 10K 162 162 0
Total 262 162 100

Womens 6K Top Results

Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1JAMIE CHEEVER3021:0521:05
2CARRIE DIMOFF3221:0621:06
3KRISTEN ROHDE3221:1221:12
4MEL LAWRENCE2621:2221:22
5NICOLE BLOOD2721:2221:22
6AMBER SCHULTZ2421:2821:28
7EMILY PRITT2521:3321:33
8ANNE LUIJTEN2121:3821:38
10JANE RICARDI3021:4721:47

Mens 10K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1SETH BRIDGES3031:1931:19
2WILLIE MILAM2331:2631:26
4DANIEL GOETZ2831:4731:47
5ERIK BARKHAUS2531:5231:52
6NICK ROCHE2231:5731:57
7BEN DEJARNETTE2432:0032:00
8DREW POLLEY3032:0632:06
9WEBB ALAN3232:1732:17
10NATHAN RICHARDS3032:2132:21
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