2019 Dogwood Dash 5K Logo

2019 Dogwood Dash 5K
Riverfront Park, Milwaukie, OR
June 1st, 2019

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Event Finishers Male Female
5K 77 30 47
Total 77 30 47

5K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1LIAM MEIROW2316:1416:15
2STEVEN SHORT4216:5716:57
3DARREN MOORE4517:2817:29
5ADAM NEALE3518:4818:49
6AARON POYNTON3719:0519:07
7ROHIT GROVER4319:1519:16
8JOE DUDMAN5419:3619:38
9BRIAN BENESCH2420:5720:59
10JACOB ROTHSTEIN3621:1121:14
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1RENEE GORDON3919:2019:20
2RACHEL MORRIS2819:4919:50
3SUSAN HAY5520:5020:52
4ELAINE APAZA2420:5820:59
5HANNAH GRUBB2420:5821:00
6JULIE MARKLEY4521:5722:00
7LAURA MORRISON4022:4222:46
8LEIGH AMMON3922:5222:55
9JENNIFER SEIBEL4523:1923:22
10EMMA NOTARIO4824:0124:06
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