2021 Smith Rock Ascent 50K and 15 Miler Logo

2021 Smith Rock Ascent 50K
Smith Rock State Park, Terrebonne, OR
May 15th, 2021
Go Beyond Racing

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50K 15 Miler
Event Finishers Male Female
50K 210 131 79
15 Miler 219 101 118
Total 429 232 197

50K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1MATT DANIELS333:34:063:34:10
2RYAN KAISER424:07:504:07:53
3PAUL YOUNG294:09:034:09:43
4JONNY HANDEL254:09:294:09:31
5EDWARD MURPHY334:13:344:14:15
6PETER DAWSON414:17:424:18:48
7BRYAN POOLE364:18:524:18:55
8THOMAS CHARLSON324:21:244:22:28
9TIMOTHY ROBERTS294:57:415:22:34
10LEWIS MATSON485:02:375:08:44
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1ELISE LAGERSTROM294:50:084:52:12
2TISH HORA495:10:585:15:32
3ANDREA SCOTT315:12:215:14:58
4BRITTANY HAVER325:14:425:16:20
5KIM PATTON385:22:525:29:30
6EMILY KEDDIE345:24:425:33:20
7AMANDA FOLLMAR385:25:595:29:37
8KAYLA DIERDORFF285:26:445:30:50
9JESSICA ZDEB395:29:195:32:54
10MIA TARTE305:32:095:34:47

15 Miler Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1CASEY CAMPBELL291:42:521:42:53
2BRIAN WHITFIELD241:44:501:44:50
3JAY CECH431:57:441:57:46
4TODD MCCORMICK352:04:342:05:15
5RYAN NORTON382:07:462:09:24
6ERIC MOLL322:10:392:11:21
7JASON GULLEY412:11:252:12:06
8NICK ELDRIDGE342:11:562:13:04
9PATRICK MCKINNEY362:18:412:20:20
10PAUL LEMAIRE312:18:562:20:03
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1KIMBER MATTOX322:06:372:08:45
2AMANDA BASHAM312:13:432:16:20
3LAUREN DANIELS322:22:342:24:44
4IVES HOT312:23:362:25:47
5STEFANIE KAUTZ402:31:262:36:03
6LAURA MACCARLEY312:33:012:37:38
7STEPHANIE IMIG452:36:002:39:07
8AMY JAGGARD352:42:492:47:59
9REBECCA WEBER242:44:233:05:02
10DREWALLYN RILEY382:46:302:51:39
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