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2021 PIL Invite Womens JV
Franklin High School, Portland, OR
March 19th, 2021

Email timing@hubertiming.com with results questions. Please include your bib number if you have it.

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Womens JV:
Finishers: 11
Male: 0
Female: 11
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Team Results

Womens JV

Place Team Score Total Time Avg Time 12345(6)(7)
1ST CLEVELAND (OR) 15 2:02:41.0 25:07.0 1 - MILLA CARROLL 21:52.02 - CATE SLATORE 24:06.03 - EMMY CARROLL 24:30.74 - LENA AMODEI 25:55.15 - NORA SMITH 26:16.4(6 - CLAIRE LIGNORE 27:59.5)
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