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2015 Stumptown Race #3 Gabriel Park Mens 4 Miles
Gabriel Park, Portland, OR
October 31st, 2015
Team Red Lizard

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Womens 4 Miles Individual Womens 4 Miles Team Mens 4 Miles Individual Mens 4 Miles Team
Event Finishers Male Female
Womens 4 Miles 58 0 58
Mens 4 Miles 118 118 0
Total 176 118 58

Womens 4 Miles Top Results

Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1KRISTEN ROHDE3123:4123:41
2KERRI LYONS2724:2224:22
3SARAH KEANE3724:3024:30
4LAUREL MANVILLE2924:4724:47
6CHRIS KIMBROUGH4525:0725:07
7ARIEL BECCIA2325:3325:33
10AMY COOPER3526:0226:02

Mens 4 Miles Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1BEN DEJARNETTE2421:0321:03
2GILBERT GRUNDY2621:0921:09
3PHIL PADILLA2821:2621:26
4JORDAN WELLING2721:4021:40
5NICHOLAS DOAN1821:5521:55
6STEVE YOUNG2822:0822:08
7JESSE MCCHESNEY2722:1222:12
8JONATHAN MARCUS3222:1322:13
9MATTHEW PALMER2722:1522:15
10JUSTIN MCINTYRE2522:1722:17
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