2018 Stumptown XC Race #4 Pier Park and USATF Oregon XC Championships W6K/M8K Logo

2018 Stumptown Race #4 Pier Park Womens 6K
Pier Park, Portland, OR
November 3rd, 2018
Team Red Lizard

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Womens 6K Individual Womens 6K Team Mens 8K Individual Mens 8K Team
Event Finishers Male Female
Womens 6K 92 0 92
Mens 8K 115 115 0
Total 207 115 92

Womens 6K Top Results

Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1AMANDA PHILLIPS3222:2022:20
2THERESA HAILEY2922:2822:28
3KARLEE COFFEY3722:5322:53
4SOPHIA NOTO2123:1223:12
5KAYLA MOORE2323:1523:15
6EMMA HUSTON2423:2923:29
7OLIVIA ENRIGHT2623:4523:45
8GRACE RITCHIE1823:4723:47
9CARRE HEINECK3723:4823:48

Mens 8K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
2ERIC FINAN2925:0325:03
3GABRIEL HAUGHEY2225:0425:04
4DANNY MARTINEZ2425:0525:05
6JOE HOREN2225:1925:19
7GILBERT GRUNDY2925:3225:32
8JUSTIN HAZELL1825:4425:44
9JACKSON BAKER2425:4925:49
10DEVIN WULFF2125:5025:50
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