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2019 ORRC Up The Lazy River 10k Run
Mary S. Young State Recreation Area, West Linn, OR
May 27th, 2019
Oregon Road Runners Club

Email timing@hubertiming.com with results questions. Please include your bib number if you have it.

10K Run 10K Walk
Event Finishers Male Female
10K Run 268 104 164
10K Walk 57 12 45
Total 325 116 209

10K Run Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1FINN JAMES1836:4536:45
2BRET BOCCI3439:3239:34
3JAMES CAROTHERS5240:0040:08
5JOHN NOLAN3042:3942:48
6CJ KOLL3043:0343:08
7STEVEN HENRY3643:4943:53
8TED CRAWFORD5043:5543:57
9RICHARD YOUNG5444:0744:09
10ARON HOMBERG5344:2944:31
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
2RENEE PARADIS4843:4543:47
3AMY KERFOOT4044:3844:38
4LIZ KOBERSTEIN3244:4344:50
5AMSALE RIVERS4546:4847:11
6REA MEYER3747:3347:40
7SHANNON SEXTON5547:4847:49
8MARNE PRINGLE4148:1648:22
9HEIDI CAMP4548:2848:30
10LISA DILBONE4849:1549:21

10K Walk Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1BRIAN EVEREST411:13:111:13:32
2RICHARD BEMROSE771:20:081:20:31
3PAUL STRAND571:20:471:21:20
4EDWARD LIPSKI741:23:321:23:59
5BRIAN MCWHORTER491:24:121:24:43
6STUART MUNRO611:27:251:27:44
7ROBERT ALTOMARE511:29:571:30:32
8RICK HENNESSY631:36:221:36:57
9VERNON COWELL591:39:111:39:52
10ROB TRAINOR551:39:291:40:07
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1PAMELA MILLER561:16:461:17:16
2SUSAN HAYS701:17:591:18:27
3BONNY BENTON611:18:161:18:32
4PAMELA CUNNINGHAM561:18:371:19:05
5LIZZIE CHENEY621:19:041:19:33
6MEREDITH ROWAN441:19:591:20:21
7RUTH BROWN581:20:441:21:19
8ROBIN NORRIS561:22:531:23:28
9JAKI SCHMUNK651:23:551:24:12
10RIZZA MCWHORTER471:24:091:24:40
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