2019 Hagg Lake Trail Runs Logo

2019 ORRC Hagg Lake 25K
Henry Hagg Lake, Gaston, OR
February 17th, 2019
Oregon Road Runners Club

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50K\25K Double Results 25K+\25K Double Results

50K Saturday 25K+ Sunday 25K
Event Finishers Male Female
50K 91 73 18
Saturday 25K+ 49 22 27
Sunday 25K 215 117 98
Total 355 212 143

50K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1MANUEL MEDERLE274:11:404:11:41
2DAVID MORGAN504:19:274:19:31
3MIKE ROSLING404:26:494:26:52
4JEREMY PROVENZOLA354:28:314:28:32
5JEREMY HURL434:34:544:34:55
6AARON LEE434:38:314:38:32
7DAVID HOPPER494:41:294:41:30
8JIM DUNLOP504:41:484:41:53
9ERIC SCHWINDT434:43:404:43:41
10MIKE TYLER524:50:344:50:38
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1LEAH BROWN315:03:475:03:52
2HANNAH BRIGHT235:19:125:19:15
3STEPHANIE FRONK315:31:155:31:19
4MEREDITH JOHNSON255:36:005:36:03
5ERIN LAVOIE385:50:105:50:13
6ANNE CRISPINO-TAYLOR616:28:586:29:08
7AMANDA PASCH386:42:306:42:45
8AMY CLARK436:48:106:48:16
9PAULA JONES456:52:526:52:56
10CHELSEA OLSON326:54:596:55:06

Saturday 25K+ Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1DAVID WESTBRROOK522:35:002:35:05
2JEFF BARNA422:37:102:37:14
3ROBERT MOSHIER362:41:342:41:42
4ANDREW DUNCAN432:42:232:42:27
5JASON GANDEE482:44:592:45:02
6SCOTT SCHRIEVER422:53:032:53:10
7ADAM EURY352:56:222:58:19
8LEE FOLLIARD572:58:472:59:00
9JONATHAN HEDDITCH473:03:243:04:30
10SHANE PHELPS473:06:373:06:46
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1KERRY KELLEY282:29:452:29:53
2CLAIR KESSLER362:37:342:37:43
3MICA WERNER442:46:002:46:05
4ALISON WEAVER472:55:362:55:42
5JULI ADELMAN382:57:562:58:01
6ANGELA EGELSTON443:04:373:04:49
7EMILY NEMETH433:06:223:09:13
8MEGAN JASPER303:10:483:11:10
9STACI PHILLIPS393:11:443:11:54
10JANELLE SOLINGER283:17:073:17:17

Sunday 25K Top Results

Place Male Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1STEVEN GARZA391:52:241:52:28
2GRANT FARRELL371:58:401:58:43
3MAX STEARNS172:02:052:02:10
4JARED WILSON452:02:332:02:36
5IAN GRANT172:06:522:06:56
6JEREMY HURL432:07:022:07:05
7ERIC ANDERS262:09:202:09:23
8ONDREJ PODLESAK342:13:452:13:55
9KERMIT AUEL372:14:192:14:24
10ERIC SCHWINDT432:15:112:15:15
Place Female Finisher Age Chip Time Gun Time
1KERRY KELLEY282:16:422:16:46
2CHRISSY BETTENCOURT272:21:462:21:52
3LEAH BROWN312:23:102:23:18
4SUSAN DIXON312:23:472:23:56
5KAYTEE BERG402:30:082:30:15
6MICA WERNER442:33:332:33:40
7TAMERA CLIFTON492:33:462:33:56
8PATRICIA ANDERSON382:37:182:37:32
9STEPHANIE SPIAK462:38:262:38:35
10EMILY NOURSE322:41:562:42:05
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