Running Resources

  • Run Oregon Blog. Run Oregon blog covers running and racing in Oregon. It features spotlights of local runners, previews of upcoming races, and information of interest to local runners.
  • Team Red Lizard - The Team Red Lizard running club has group runs almost every day of the week. Highlights of the club are their group runs, their XC series, their social gatherings, and opportunities for volunteer service. Their message board is a good place to ask local running questions.
  • Oregon Road Runners Club - ORRC hosts a number of great races and provides resources to runners and race directors.
  • Clack County Running Club - For Vancouver area runners CRRC is your running club. They are an active club with a number of races. Their Facebook group contains their latest club news.
  • Molalla Running Club - Live in the Molalla area? This is your running club!
  • Marathon Maniacs - The club for runners that run a lot of marathons. The Maniacs originated in the Seattle area, so there are a number of Marathon Maniacs in the Northwest. If you prefer Half Marathons, see their sister club Half Fanatics.
  • McMillian Pace Calculator - You can use this calculator to figure out your optimal training pace as well as what a given race time is equivalent to for other distances.
  • RUNSmart Jack Daniels Running Calculator - The official online Jack Daniels VDOT Calculator which is based on decades of research and described in Daniels Running Formula. The calculator just became available online in the last few years. Also excellent is Jack Daniels Youtube channel which features numerous training videos and topics from his book.
  • USATF Certification Search Tool - This tool allows you to search for certified courses and view certification maps. This is also useful if you want to run a course prior to an event.